We are re-branding to Pure Energy Water and Air!

"It’s possible that you could drink the same water as a stegosaurus or a T-Rex because of the way water circulates around our planet. A dinosaur, you, and I are actually part of this water cycle, too.

As water on the surface of lakes, oceans, and rivers warms up, it travels into the sky as very tiny droplets, or vapor. When the water vapor gets colder, it turns back to liquid to help form clouds.

When the liquid gets so heavy it can’t stay in the atmosphere anymore, it falls, or “precipitates,” as rain, snow, sleet, hail, or, my favorite, graupel. Once the precipitation reaches the ground or lands in lakes, oceans, and rivers, the cycle continues."

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To read more: https://askdruniverse.wsu.edu/2016/04/10/drink-water-dinosaur-days/?fbclid=IwAR1yQem0N1SqFIAQ_1BmZpx_dYvU9zvsUM5QW2-PKIs0n7-2u61tOffkfx0